07.27.2020 Lab alumna Annamarie Formicola successfully defended her Master’s thesis! Congratulations, Annamarie!

06.12.2020   Natalie Kelly will be pursuing an MPS in Forensic Chemistry at University of Pennsylvania this Fall. Congratulations, Natalie!

06.08.2020   Rana Morsy received a Departmental Citation for Excellence in Teaching Service! Good job, Rana!

05.20.2020   Natalie Kelly received the Esther and Stanley Kirschner Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry and the 2020 American Chemical Society Detroit Section Award for Outstanding Chemistry Graduate! Amazing job, Natalie!

05.14.2020   Lab alumna Annamarie Formicola was awarded the Garrett T. Heberlein Endowed Award for Excellence in Teaching for Graduate Students. Way to go!

05.13.2020 Seoyoung (Jennifer) Woo received The Merck & Company Award in Biochemistry! Congrats, Jenny!

05.08.2020   Larry Mendoza received the Norman A. LeBel Endowed Graduate Award in Organic Chemistry! Awesome job, Larry!

03.30.2020   Larry was selected by to present virtually at the 24th Annual Green Chemistry and & Engineering Conference in June! Congrats!

12.06.2019   The Stockdill lab welcomes new graduate students Olusayo Ogunyemi and Punam Paul! Welcome to the group!

11.06.2019    Jenn’s commentary on the Ishikawa lab’s total synthesis of the unnatural enantiomer of quinine was featured in Chemistry World in the article Total synthesis of unnatural enantiomer renews interest in quinine.

11.05.2019    Jenn’s artwork illustrating our collaborative paper with the Nguyen lab was selected for the back cover of the upcoming Chem. Sci. issue!

09.30.2019    Our first collaborative paper with the Nguyen lab was accepted to Chem. Sci.! Congrats, Ganesh!

08.14.2019    Jenn received an R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health to support peptide synthesis projects in the lab. Hooray!!!

06.28.2019    Jenn received an award to support a collaboration with the Eli Lilly peptide group via the Lilly Research Award Program. Thrilled to get started!

04.25.2019    Kayla Belavek received the Wiley Award in Organic Chemistry and the American Chemical Society, Detroit Section Award (Awarded to the top graduating senior earning a BS in Chemistry at WSU). WOW, Kayla!

04.25.2019    Natalie Kelly received the Wilfried Heller Award in Physical Chemistry. Awesome work!

04.25.2019    Christine Arbour received the A. Paul and Carol C. Schaap Research Fellowship for the 2018-2019 academic year! Congrats, Christine and THANK YOU, Paul and Carol!

04.25.2019   Larry Mendoza received a Graduate School Citation for Excellence in Teaching! Way to go, Larry!

04.15.2019    Kayla Belavek will be attending U. California – Berkeley for her PhD studies beginning in Fall 2019. Congratulations, Kayla!!

04.07.2019    The newest member of the Stockdill family entered the world! Hooray!!

04.03.2019    Provost Keith Whitfield recommended to the WSU Board of Governers that Jenn be promoted to Associate Professor with tenure! Yay, Hooray!

03.08.2019    Ramona Stamatin will be pursuing an MD at Oakland University in the Fall of 2019. Congratulations, Ramona!    Christine successfully defended her PhD thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Arbor!

12.19.2018    Christine, Kayla, and Rooha’s paper on peptide macrocyclization was accepted to J. Org. Chem. Congrats!!

12.13.2018    Hansamali Sirinimal has accepted a postdoctoral research position in the labs of Prof. Karen Draths at Michigan State. Congratulations, Hans!!

12.03.2018    Jeremiah Jean will be pursuing a Pharm. D. at the University of Michigan in Fall 2019!! Way to go, Jeremiah!

11.28.2018    The Stockdill lab welcomes new graduate students Larry Mendoza, Rana Morsy, and Mahesh Yadab! We’re so glad to have you!

11.26.2018    Christine Arbour has accepted a position as a postdoctoral scholar in Prof. Barbara Imperiali’s lab at MIT. Way to go, Christine!

11.18.2018    Thilini, Hasina, and Shane’s paper detailing our synthetic strategies toward alpha-conotoxin LvIA was accepted for publication in Tetrahedron Letters. Hooray!

09.24.2018    Hansamali, Sebastien, and Ganesh’s work on NCRs of conformationallly unbiased N-chloroamines was accepted for publication in Org. Lett. Awesome!

08.29.2018    Christine’s latest installment in the chemistry of the MeDbz linker was accepted for publication in Tetrahedron Letters. Yay!

08.06.2018    Hansamali successfully defended her PhD thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Sirinimal!

06.29.2018    Hasina successfully defended her PhD thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Saraha!

05.02.2018    Christine Arbour was selected by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry to present in the Graduate Research Symposium with lodging and meals provided by the DOC. Congratulations, Christine!

04.17.2018    Christine Arbour received a Dr. Cal Stevens Memorial Scholarship! Awesome!

04.13.2018    Kayla Belavek and Ramona Stamatin were each awarded a Ralph E. and Helen G. Carter Endowed Scholarship! Congratulations, Kayla and Ramona!

04.09.2018    Shane Jackowski was invited to join the honor society, Phi Beta Kappa. Congrats, Shane!

03.26.2018    Our manuscript detailing our latest efforts toward the calyciphylline A alkaloids was accepted for publication in Organic Letters! Yay!

03.24.2018    Hasina Saraha was offered a position at Michigan State University as an Academic Specialist! She will be teaching undergraduate Chemistry courses in the prestigious Lyman Briggs College at MSU. Congratulations, Hasina!

03.16.2018    Thilini successfully defended her PhD thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Kondasinghe!

03.08.2018    Christine Arbour was awarded an A. Paul and Carol C. Schaap Endowed Distinguished Graduate Award for the 2018-2019 academic year! Congratulations, Christine!! Thank you, Paul and Carol for your generosity to the Department!

03.01.2018    Jenn was awarded an Ebbing Faculty Development Award. Hooray!

02.23.2018    Jenn received a CLAS Mentoring Award in recognition of her “excellence as a mentor and teacher.” Thank you to all of the students who wrote supporting letters for the nomination!

02.15.2018    Thilini and Hasina’s disulfide formation from Allocam-protected peptides was listed in the “most cited and accessed articles published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (OBC) in 2017.”

01.17.2018   Shane Jackowski was accepted to the Chemistry PhD programs at Northwestern University and Michigan State University. Congrats, Shane!!

01.02.2018    Our manuscript on the sequence diversification of peptides was accepted to J. Org. Chem. Way to go, Christine and Ramona!

12.29.2017   Alberto successfully defended his PhD thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Lopez!

11.17.2018    Our paper describing the epimerization-free functionalization of C-terminal Cys peptides was accepted to Chem. Sci. Rock on, Christine, Thilini, Hasina, and Teanna!

10.25.2017   Jenn received an ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable Grant! Hooray!

07.24.2017   Our method for C-terminal modification of peptides was accepted to Chem Eur. J. Congrats, Christine, Hasina, and Tim!

05.05.2017   Christine Arbour was awarded a Graduate Student Professional Travel Award for the 2016-2017 academic year. Way to go, Christine!

04.20.2017   Hansamali Sirinimal received a Dr. Cal Stevens Memorial Scholarship. Awesome, Hans!

04.20.2017   Thilini Kondasinghe received a Graduate School Citation for Excellence in Teaching. Way to go, Thilini!

04.20.2017   Shane Jackowski was awarded the Hugh and Mary Ann Kelly Chemistry Undergraduate Endowed Research Scholarship. Congratulations, Shane!!

04.20.2017   Shane Jackowski was awarded the Ralph E. and Helen G. Carter Endowed Scholarship in recognition of his outstanding academic record in chemistry coursework! Wow, Shane!

04.20.2017   Hansamali Sirinimal was awarded an A. Paul and Carol C. Schaap Fellowship for the 2017-2018 academic year! Congratulations, Hans!!

03.20.2017   Jenn and Mary Kay were awarded a Faculty-Driven Course Reform Grant through the NSF-funded SSTEPS (Student Success Through Evidence-based Pedagogies) program at WSU.

03.09.2017   Thilini and Hasina’s method for on-resin disulfide formation was accepted to Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry! Hooray!

03.08.2017   Christine Arbour (née Hart) won 2nd place poster at the 2017 WSU Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium! Wicked!

03.01.2017   Hansamali Sirinimal was selected for an internship with Boehringer-Ingelheim for Summer 2017! Congrats, Hans!

02.27.2017   Jenn was invited to speak in the Young Academic Investigators Symposium at the ACS National Meeting in August. Yipee!

02.13.2017   Alberto Lopez was awarded a Consortium for Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship! He’ll be teaching and doing research at Amherst College starting in the Fall 2017 term. Congrats, Alberto!!

01.12.2017   Shane Jackowski was awarded a research grant via the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Congrats, Shane!

11.21.2016   Hasina was highlighted in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 175 Minutes of Chemistry.

11.17.2016   Christine’s Org. Lett. paper from her internship at Boehringer-Ingelheim was accepted for publication! Rock on!

07.22.2016   Christine Hart was selected as a CBI (Chemical Biology Initiative) Fellow for the 2016-2017 Academic year. Way to go, Christine!!

05.26.2016   The newest member of the Stockdill family entered the world! Hooray!

05.10.2016   Christine Hart was awarded a Rumble-Schaap Fellowship for the 2016-2017 Academic year! Congrats, Christine!!

04.25.2016   Tim McMillan was awarded a Graduate School Citation for Excellence in Teaching. Nice work, Tim!

04.25.2016   Christine Hart was awarded the Esther & Stanley Kirschner General Chemistry Teaching Award and the Willard R. Lenz, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship. Wow, Christine!

04.25.2016   Shane Jackowski received the Chemistry Undergraduate Scholarship. Way to go, Shane!!

04.14.2016    Our paper on the development of Cu(II)-selective CFMs for FSCV was accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry!

04.08.2016    Ramona Stamatin received a Jane and Frank Warchol Foundation Scholarship for 2016-2017! Wow!

03.01.2016   Heng Chen was offered a position at Abbvie as an Associate Scientist II! Congrats, Heng!

02.01.2016   Christine Hart was selected for an internship with Boehringer-Ingelheim for Summer 2016! Congrats, Christine!

01.20.2016   Jenn received the NSF CAREER Award! Hooray!

06.16.2015   Our first joint publication with the Hashemi Lab was accepted for publication in Analytical Methods! Congrats, Shirley and Ahmad!

04.27.2015   Thilini received a Dr. Cal Stevens Memorial Scholarship, a Willard R. Lenz, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, and a Departmental Citation for Excellence in Teaching Service. You’re a star, Thilini!

04.27.2015   Hansamali received a Departmental Citation for Excellence in Teaching Service. Rock on, Hans!

04.27.2015   Greg received a James C. French Undergraduate Scholarship. Awesome work, Greg!

01.19.2015   Alberto & Ahmad’s labeling studies were accepted into Tetrahedron Letters.

11.13.2014   Heng Chen and Christine Hart join the Stockdill Group! HOORAY!

11.05.2014   Our work is highlighted in Doug Taber’s Organic Chemistry Highlights!

08.20.2014   Thilini passed her Oral Exam and advanced to candidacy! Congrats, Thilini!

08.19.2014   Alberto and Hasina passed their Oral Exams and advanced to candidacy! Congrats, guys!

05.06.2014    Hasina was awarded a Knoller Fellowship for the 2014–2015 academic year! Congratulations, Hasina!

04.21.2014    Shannon received a Jane and Frank Warchol Foundation Annual Scholarship! Awesome work, Shannon!

04.21.2014    Thilini received a Graduate School Citation for Excellence in Teaching! You’re a star, Thilini!

04.19.2014    Alberto was selected as a winner of the poster competition at the 31st Annual H. C. Brown Symposium at Purdue University! Way to represent, Al!

01.07.2014    The first publication of the Stockdill Group was accepted to Organic Letters! Congratulations to Ahmad, Alex, and Alberto!

12.23.2013    Jenn was recognized as one of the 10 best reviewers of 2013 for the journal Tetrahedron.

12.20.2013    Alberto was awarded a Graduate Student Professional Travel Award for the 2013-2014 academic year. Way to go, Al!

12.06.2013    Jenn was selected as a 2014 Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee!

11.28.2013    Jenn received a Minority Supplement to her R00 award! Thanks, NIGMS!

11.12.2013    Hansamali Sirinimal joins the group! Welcome, Hans!

06.04.2013    Alberto Lopez was awarded a fellowship under the Wayne State IMSD (Initiative for Maximizing Student Development) program. Congrats, Alberto!

05.22.2013    Jenn is a part of a team of collaborators who were awarded a grant through the WSU’s Collaborative Research Program among Engineering/Physical Sciences and Health Science Faculty. Hooray!

5.15.2013    Greg Rosenhauer joins the group! Welcome, Greg!

05.09.2013    Alex Golonka joins the group! Welcome, Alex!

04.23.2013    Thilini Kondasinghe was selected as a Rumble Fellow for the 2013–2014 academic year. Congratulations, Thilini!

01.04.2013    Happy New Year/Semester!

11.19.2012    Ahmad makes key step #1 work!! Yay!

11.09.2012    Thilini Kondasinghe, Al Lopez, and Hasina Saraha join the lab! Welcome guys!!

08.30.2012    The first reaction of the Stockdill Group is in progress! YAAY,  hydroboration/oxidation!

08.02.2012    Megan Blake joins the group! Hooray!
07.20.2012    Shannon Paquette joins the group! Woot!
07.16.2012    Annamarie Formicola joins the group! Yay!
07.11.2012    Ahmad Ibrahim, Mazin Habhab, and Ted Hwang join the group! Woohoo!
07.09.2012    Bart Knowles joins the group (and installs all the monkey bars in the hoods)! Welcome (and thanks)!